Glazed Vs. Unglazed

mens' dress shoes There are two commonly used types of #4 cotton tie line-glazed and unglazed.

Unglazed is braided cotton thread that feels soft to the touch. It is normally used when you want to tie a semi-permanent knot-something that will not come loose until you are ready to untie it.

Glazed tie line has a smooth waxy coating that keeps it from becoming too compressed when your knot is tightened. Glazed tie line is best if you need to tie and untie a knot over and over.

The glazing has a slight sheen to it and can make the line more difficult to grip.

The glazing will also make the line less likely to fray when it is cut.

Unglazed tie line is similar to the laces on athletic shoes.  You want to tie them tight and have them stay tied until the game is over.

Glazed tie line is more like the laces for dress shoes.  They don’t need to be knotted as tightly and you want them to be easy to untie when you take them off

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