Outdoor Use

Tie line from BuyTieLine.com

While the primary market for tie line is in theatrical and studio use, it has lots of applications for outdoor use, many of which have no relation to entertainment production.

Gardeners find a thousand uses for tie line-things like staking tomatoes and creating trellises for cucumbers and beans.

Outdoorsmen find it invaluable when camping and hiking.

Outdoor decorators like it because it is reusable, unlike wire ties.

Hanging of banners and temporary signs are quick work with tie line.

If you are using it outside, you’ll do well to spend just a little more to buy glazed tie line. The waxy glazing on tie line makes it water resistant and also insures that your knots will hold tightly, even if exposed to high winds.

Best of all, the glazing extends the usable life of the line, easily making the small additional cost well worth it.

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