Strong To The Core

Tie line from

Tie line is more than what you see on the surface. What’s at its center is what makes the difference between quality line and the cheap stuff.

I am talking about the core. Good quality tie line has a nylon cord center that gives it strength and keeps it from stretching.

Tie line flexibility is one reason that it is so valued for many uses, but you don’t want to sacrifice stretching for flexibility. The non-cotton core is what prevents that stretching.

If you cut p piece of #4 tie line and look closely at its center, you’ll see a few filaments that are a different color (may be white, may be red). They are not braided like the rest of the line and they are made from synthetic rather than organic material.

Nylon vs. cotton.

If you are purchasing tie line for theatre or audio visual production use, you need to be sure that the line has this central core. It is what gives the line a greater breaking strength and it is what keeps it from stretching when under load.

This is the case whether you are using unglazed or glazed tie line.

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